How to Ask a Girl for a Date That out of Your League

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Out of my league??
What does THAT mean??
Look, bro.
If you think a girl is out of your league, you’ve ALREADY LOST and you’re in the wrong mindset.

Thinking that a girl is out of your league is the same as thinking that you’re
too ugly or that your personality is too shitty to get certain girls.

This shows a total lack of confidence on your part and makes your chances of getting that really hot girl, virtually impossible.

Despite what you saw on the Big Bang Theory, you are NOT gonna get a girl by constantly pestering her with an immature attitude like that … the best you can hope for is probably a restraining order.

The second you start to categorize girls into “leagues” … like “girls I CAN get” on the left, and “girls I CAN’T get” on the right … is the second you totally ruin your chances with all of those girls.

Because you’re telling yourself that you can only go for “lower tier” girls than the ones you want. And that’s a complete confidence killer.

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For example, I get a lot of messages from guys on my Instagram saying shit like, “I like this girl and I really wanna talk to her but she’s out of my league because she’s a solid 8 and I’m only a 6, how can I talk to her?”

You mean to tell me that just because you’re average looking you’re ONLY going to go after average looking girls??
You go after WHOEVER YOU WANT!

My point of view on the idea of “leagues” is simple:

I never think a girl is out of my league, because if anything I’m OUT OF HER LEAGUE.

Either we’re in the same league, or I’m above her league.

I don’t even understand, how it’s possible, for someone to be out of my league like what does that even mean?

If I see a girl I wanna talk to, I just go up and do it, no hesitation.
You should NEVER confine yourself to something LESS than what you want.
This applies to girls and everything in your life.

Pursue what you want, and if you don’t get it the first time you try, keep working at until you get it.

And, just to be clear, I don’t mean keep pursuing the same girl over and over for the next 10 years until you get her – I mean keep pursuing whichever girls you want, regardless of whether they’re hot, ugly, average, popular, unpopular, smart, stupid, cheerleaders, volleyball
players, chess club captains, or whatever.

Go for what you want. Never settle.
Being confident around girls is a self-fulfilling prophecy if you don’t think you can get a girl then that’s it, you can’t!

You’ll act all nervous around her, you won’t believe you’re good enough for her, she’ll pick up on that – because girls do have a very good intuition for judging guys who come at them – and you’ll fail quickly.

Epic one-liner coming up: “How can you convince a girl that you’re worth liking if you don’t even like yourself?”

However, if you are confident in yourself and say “fuck the league” then you’re already WAY ahead of the guys who aren’t confident and are too focused on what fucking the league they’re in.

Don’t put yourself down.
Being confident will boost you into a higher league anyway – if you still want to see things in terms of leagues.

Being confident will boost you up to a higher tier because confidence is attractive, assertiveness is attractive, being straightforward is attractive, and so on, whereas putting yourself down, being negative, complaining, being needy, and other stuff like that is UNATTRACTIVE.

Guys who BELIEVE they’re in lower leagues, ARE in lower leagues, but only because THEY’VE PUT THEMSELVES THERE!
It’s all in your mind. Whatever you believe is the truth.

If you approach a girl in a way that conveys the attitude that she’s above you, then guess what, she is.

If you approach the same girl in a way that doesn’t convey shit, you’re just a guy having a good time and she happens to be there and you’re talking to her, then she can be 5 points hotter than you but if that’s not the vibe you set then that’s not the a vibe that GETS set.

In all honesty, I’m not some Channing Tatum looking motherf**ker, looking back on it, in high school, I was probably around a 7 out of 10.
And I went out with girls who were 7’s, and I went out with girls who were 8’s, and girls who were 9’s, and girls who were 10’s, and I didn’t give a fuck.

I never even thought about giving myself a rating back then, because it didn’t matter.

“Do what you want to do, and if somebody tries to tell you you can’t, then that person is a fucking loser.

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